Sunday, February 15, 2009

the grand finale of the sayaka food-themed blog!

so, after a significant delay (which i do deeply apologize for), i am finally giving you all part five out of five for this sayaka food-themed mini-blog. it was a difficult ordeal, to conceptualize, create, and execute a meal that sayaka would at first be opposed to, but that had the possibility of invigorating and waking up those bland taste buds of hers.

we decided to make a large pile of perogies, some filled with potatoes and the others filled with sauerkraut. the topping would be sour cream. now, please note that sayaka claims to despise all things sour, as well all things white and creamy. so for her the thought of eating sour sauerkraut with sour cream on top is quite a doozy!

doesn't this greasy pile look delicious?

everyone but her thinks so...

chris just couldn't get enough!

dustin would have given them two thumbs up but his other hand was full of perogie.

now for the moment of truth...

she was most definitely repulsed by this combination.

the verdict: she enjoyed the potato perogies, thought the sauerkraut perogies were sour and gross, and that the sour cream was a bad idea.

you can't say i didn't try.

Monday, February 2, 2009

a brief break in the sayaka food theme postings

so friends, it has been a long time since i have updated on the status of feeding new foods to friend sayaka. it has been a hard and thankless journey. i have promised to make five blog posts about each theme, and i will stick true to this commitment. i want to end this particular theme in a bang, however, and am planning something big. something major. something that will blow your cute little winter socks off.

in the meantime, i am leaving you with a non-sayaka-food-theme photograph. see, i was on the purple line the other day and unknowingly sat next to a gigantic couple who were in the midst of deep embrace. they spent the next forty minutes of the train ride smacking lips and clutching hips and generally expressing way to many PDAs for any normal person in that close of a proximity to feel comfortable. it was kind of tight.

stay tuned for the last post in the sayaka food theme chronicles, coming to a blog close to your heart.