Friday, January 16, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 4

so for the fourth post within this theme, i decided to give ourselves a real challenge by testing out chocolate on sayaka. see, she really does not like chocolate. at all. she won't eat it. she finds it too "unappetizing". my only chance of her trying and actually liking a piece of chocolate would, of course, depend upon the quality of the chocolate. i knew i had to go for the gold.

this is linda. she owns the chocolate boutique we went to in search of a chocolate that even sayaka could swoon over. with her expertise, we decided that the most delectable type of chocolate to try would be a rare and divine chocolate truffle from some small town in southern france.

sayaka took a tiny bite of this glorious truffle i bought her. and what do you know? she did not like it. she said later that she didn't want it in her mouth, but only refrained from spitting it out because she was guilty that i spent thirty dollars on the damn thing.

at least i got to eat the rest of it. it was delicious.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 3

we are still in the midst of a blizzard. so, after a long day of stealing underpants and hunching our bodies against the windy streets of chicago, a hot bowl of tomato soup sounds just perfect.

sayaka thought it was boring, and likened it to drinking broth. i got her to try a piece of toast with it, but she said it didn't make it any better. she didn't even come close to finishing the tiny bowl i gave her.

maybe next time we'll try grilled cheese with the tomato soup.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 2

chicago is in the midst of a blizzard right now. which means wearing blankets and drinking warm things and watching movies all day. it was a good day for sayaka to try some hot buttered rum.

sayaka reported that this toasty buttery alcoholic drink was delicious upon impact but after a while she felt ill and had to lay down.

we'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, January 12, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 1

so sayaka has always been a picky eater. today we decided to expand her horizons and, even more importantly, to blog about it!

today she ate an omelet for the first time.

she thought it was kind of spongey. she wasn't very enthused.

a whole new world

dear friends.

i have been thinking about this blog a lot, and about how it is not very good. i have decided that the only way i can remedy this is by completely renovating the very structure of the blog itself.

what this blog needs is a theme. at the present moment i am not sure what that theme should be, so i will be trying out various themes over the coming weeks, or perhaps months. and i would love your (yes, your!) input.

i will trying out a food-themed blog to start off this experiment. more specifically, the strange eating habits of my dear friend sayaka. i plan on writing five blog entries regarding this theme, and then i shall move on to a new one.

please leave me any comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns.

you have been updated.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

team miamie

have you guys heard that fish are now officially called sea kittens? you can even make your own sea kitten avatar. thanks peta!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

plants don't grow here during january, i've found. sometimes you see some sort-of green looking things growing in a bit of dirt in front of someone's flat, and for a moment you forget about the snow and ice and so you have a bit of hope for them - but no, really, they are just dead and their little green plant cells are frozen in place.

springtime shall be such magic!