Monday, January 12, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 1

so sayaka has always been a picky eater. today we decided to expand her horizons and, even more importantly, to blog about it!

today she ate an omelet for the first time.

she thought it was kind of spongey. she wasn't very enthused.


Jennifer said...

It's this some kind of crazy conspiracy? That's not Sayaka! Did someone murder her and try to trick you with a replacement Sayaka? Don't be fooled!

Love, Jenny

PS. This is a good theme. Also, I miss you! I hope you're having a swell time in Chicago. It seems like it! And, good keywords for your posts. AND I'm trying to think of what to embroider...what's a good image, and not too hard?

vanessa said...

this is most definitely sayaka. trust me.

and - you should embroider babies. lots and lots of funny looking babies.