Sunday, June 21, 2009

i'm in the doghouse, darling

friends! an amazing new creature entered my life recently in the form of a canine. we brought him home from the rough streets of garfield park, a neighborhood known for breeding pitbulls to fight and ditching them when they don't win. we've been calling him charlie.

this is him a couple days after bringing him home. he was a bloody scabby baby and left blood and dandur all over everything.

and this is him about two and a half weeks later! magic! thanks to a delicious diet that includes porkchops and chicken and carrots and eggs and table scraps he has gained over ten pounds and is growing a lot of his hair back already. we recently moved into a giant warehouse with nine other human peoples, whom he gets mass amounts of love and affection from.

he recently learned about cuddling and wants to cuddle and kiss us all the time. he's still not very good at spooning though, i'll wake up in the middle of the night with paws in my face and bony shoulders in my back.

he also is really punk and digs through trash a lot.

this blog is a memo to all my friends, requesting you come visit me and charlie. we would both love it.