Friday, January 16, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 4

so for the fourth post within this theme, i decided to give ourselves a real challenge by testing out chocolate on sayaka. see, she really does not like chocolate. at all. she won't eat it. she finds it too "unappetizing". my only chance of her trying and actually liking a piece of chocolate would, of course, depend upon the quality of the chocolate. i knew i had to go for the gold.

this is linda. she owns the chocolate boutique we went to in search of a chocolate that even sayaka could swoon over. with her expertise, we decided that the most delectable type of chocolate to try would be a rare and divine chocolate truffle from some small town in southern france.

sayaka took a tiny bite of this glorious truffle i bought her. and what do you know? she did not like it. she said later that she didn't want it in her mouth, but only refrained from spitting it out because she was guilty that i spent thirty dollars on the damn thing.

at least i got to eat the rest of it. it was delicious.


Dylan said...


Jenny Wegner said...

wait, $30 for ONE truffle?! I didn't even know that existed. Also, Sayaka is probably a robot if she doesn't like food so much. Especially chocolate.

Love, Jenny