Wednesday, January 14, 2009

sayaka food-theme blog post no. 3

we are still in the midst of a blizzard. so, after a long day of stealing underpants and hunching our bodies against the windy streets of chicago, a hot bowl of tomato soup sounds just perfect.

sayaka thought it was boring, and likened it to drinking broth. i got her to try a piece of toast with it, but she said it didn't make it any better. she didn't even come close to finishing the tiny bowl i gave her.

maybe next time we'll try grilled cheese with the tomato soup.


Jennifer said...

You might as well not eat tomato soup if you don't have grilled cheese to go with it. Also, I really like tomato soup with lots of nutritional yeast in it. It makes it loads better.

tortellini said...

I would like to fully agree with Jennifer, above. Mostly about the fact that you shouldn't eat tomato soup without grilled cheese since I have not yet tried tomato soup with nutritional yeast.

And yet, I'm almost 100% sure that there will be some qualm from "the new food subject" about the combination. Something along the lines of "too greasy" or "weird texture" or simply, "no good."

Ps: I love the new theme! You gals really know how to make the best out of living in a giant ice cube.