Saturday, May 16, 2009

bog blog

let me tell you about my very first visit to a forest in the land of lincoln. it was really boggy, wet, and green - quite different from the forests i know in the golden state.

there are lots of brambles as well.

we hosted a couple of impromptu tea parties with kind folks we met along the way. this gentleman tea-guest kind of smelled like death, but maybe it was just from the bog-nook he has been residing in recently.

these two were far too wiggly and impatient to sit down at our nice tea table.

we found several good logs to dangle our feets from and climb over streams with and lay our bellies on and accidentally drop things off of. logs can be useful for lots of different activities.

digging, poking, meditating - all good things to do on a log.

supposedly these particular woods are among the most haunted in the united states. i don't know if i buy it (and yes, i did experience its' ancient "haunted" graveyard at night, but found it populated with more high-schoolers than ghosts), but we sure did find lots of old relics and pottery and wells and slaughtered cow-bones and foundations from old homesteads. even a bit of a whiskey bottle that is probably a hundred and thirty seven years old! its nice to come back from vacation with souvenirs. oh, vacation.

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