Saturday, May 2, 2009

my so called life

so maybe one or two people are wondering why i have been away from the blago world for so long - or maybe not. in any case, i'll show you what i've been up to lately.

so mostly i've been in chicago a lot. it looks like this for the most part:

we got a quarter pipe in our space, and i tore a ligament in my elbow trying to own it. dustin has been making sweet boards out of rollerskates and scrap wood and gloppy paint for DUSTO Skateboards. let me be the middleman if you are interested in one of these babies.

with the ending of winter and the coming of spring, we planted lots of little herbs and are watching them grow up. seeing this city turn from white to brown to green is pretty miraculous. everyday something new is blooming or struggling to poke its head up from the warm dirt. my first real spring.

we have all been making lots of things, including fat suits.

we try to have fun too.

inbetween being in chicago and not being in the blago realm, i visited the home state of california for a few weeks. it looked a lot like this, only even greener! and fresher! and more mind boggling!

and maybe in a month i will be moving out of my current chicago home-space on the west side and into a bigger space on the south side which has a really intense bathroom with lockers and toilet stalls. i'll keep you posted.

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