Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nuances vs. innuendos

i moved to the chicago a few weeks ago and so far have spent the majority of my afternoons gazing at the dinosaurs that live in the jungle behind my house. if you look closely you can see a green tree that lives outside of my window. just north of my house, after a short jaunt through raptor territory, is the meat packing district - which happily fulfills all of my packed meat needs. and to the south is greek town, where spanakopita crowds the streets and leaves a nice oily scent on my collar. sometimes i meditate on my roof, contemplating these sky scrapers and all of the glory they behold. and the basement - well, that is a story for another day. 

as you can see, friends, i am living the dream. and this is where i will record that dream. 


Dylan said...

Alright! Let's blog about it!

Rachel S said...

Yay! Vanessa!

Julia Fredenburg said...

This is news! (I followed some link to your blog, and took me a while to figure out exactly which Vanessa it was!) Tell us all why you moved to Chicago, and when you're going to come visit Jamie and I!