Saturday, November 29, 2008

a saint, a virgin

so i made a brief visit to saint louis, to dine in a rotating restaurant with my mother for her birthday. on the way there, i spotted this foxy fox, searching for his native land. he only paused long enough to make love eyes at me, and then he dashed off on his search again. i do hope he has found his mother and brothers by now. i hope he is happily eating his bloody carcasses and feeling the comforts of home. i can only pray.

on the way back to chi-town, i stopped by friend's house. they are in the midst of remodeling. 

i thought you all would like to know who i am living with now. i'll start off by introducing my newest housemate. her name is mary and she has this light and joy around her that is just indescribable... sometimes she forgets to do her dishes, but i'm trying to not be passive aggressive about it because i really like her as a person. she swears she is a virgin, but i've heard her mention a son. i need to investigate this matter further. 

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Julia Fredenburg said...

I like these photos! I especially like the guy in the background of the airport one, who, even though very blurry, has the distinctive stance of someone who disapproves of you taking the photo.